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Quick Race Sudden low FPS In Race Monitor (Resolved)

Quick Race Multi-class Race Monitor

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Posted 06 June 2013 - 12:28 AM

Changing vehicle settings such as steering lock while waiting on players to load in a multi-class quick race event causes loss of controller input. (this seems to be caused by low framerate when you first arrive in the "Race Monitor")


Workaround for above issue enter the warmup session by clicking on race now and return to the Race Monitor, normal Frame Rates allow you to properly set steering lock for your controller.



My findings so far with this issue,


1. In the event of controller loss, Leaving quick race, and returning back to the main menu, will restore controller input. you can verify this by visiting the options page and note steering movement.


2. I've found that waiting for all players to load into the lobby, and then changing steering lock setings prior to entering the track for warmup will prevent controller loss - I've determined that changing the settings with the LOW fps issue is causing the problem with losing the controllers.


3. I'm unable to replicate this Issue when in a non multi-car (single make) quick race. Shows up in single make QR's with the above scenario.


4. Found that low FPS in warmup race monitor, roughly 4fps,if i went into the race and returned to the Race Monitor, the fps returned to a normal rate of 62 fps


5. if quick race, double loads, i.e. loads to the Race Monitor, and then loads again, i do not seem to get the low fps issue


6. i've found that i don't get this low fps issue in regular events (non quick race)


7. downloaded and re-installed on top of my existing client, had no effect.


8. removing the Simraceway folder from appdata after reinstall, also had no effect.


9. Determine if I can isolate the issue. Currently all past tests have been done in full screen. this will determine if it happens only while in Full Screen, or does it happen in Windowed mode as well. - Issue also happens in window Mode


10: complete uninstall and re-install - Did nothing, eliminated Installation issues


11. 6/8/2013 - Found that if a double load occurs and loss of controller "Keyboard / "Controller 1" active message appears, when you get out to the track, backing out to the main menu does not restore the controllers. a full game restart does.


I'm wondering if it might be a possible issue with my system? Ruled out any System Issues


Current System specs

i7 950

6gb DDR3 ram

two GTX680 in SLI

64-bit Windows 8 Professional

8 MB ADSL2+ Internet connection

I've found that disabling SLI has no effect.



Well with the help of SRW_Joseph, i've attempted to rule out every possibility I can think of.


The good side of this is I have found a workaround, in the race monitor click on race now, then return to the race monitor, no more low fps.


In Practice,  Events such as Hotlaps or Challenges I don't seem to be affected, it seems isolated to any Quick Race.


Any further input or advice would be appreciated.


Has anyone else experienced this?

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 11:16 PM

Installed the 28.90 update: Not experiencing any low Frame Rate in any Quick Race Monitor


The game seems to be working normally as it should now.

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