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#21 Allan Equality Wu

Allan Equality Wu


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Posted 07 July 2013 - 02:07 AM

I remember the 2002 Daytona 500 like yesterday - Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick - very young West Coast drivers - Just trying to find fame and consistency - Starting on the front row

It didnt end well for any of them that day

BUT THEY ARE LEADING NOW - They both won 500  - this is definitely full circle for those two

THE BACKSTORY HAS BEEN PUT TOGETHER to the best of my ability



[11] BLOWS A REAR TIRE - [20] AND [11] Gibbs Toyotas DEMOLISHED [24] Terrible terrible damage- No injuries as we know - Denny having had too many scares - he went airborne! AWFUL development as many great teams are now taken out, with TEN LAPS REMAINING


[51] Was the car that torally had no where to go - smashed the [11] and [7] Drove into the crash behind them. [83] Reutimann also has some smashed in pixels

Feeling Terrible for those teams, They NEEDED this great run and the bonus money. A lot of that, Gone now.

[16] Greg Biffle may have won out here having had the Wonderful Fortune and reaction , managing to Avoid this 5 car pileup

CAUTION - [5] Kahne, the frontrunner, Got Struck by [9] Ambrose while he tried to avoid Jimmie johnson [48]
No injuries [9] Ambrose who was cauht in what is in my eyes an unintended MISHAP , now has to go to the back to patch up the door

Cannot Imagine who's going to win, so Lets step back and watch the leaderboards and TNT /MRN radio coverage

For Wheldon!
-AllanW5  Alum , Rutgers '11 , Brooklyn Technical '06  SkillQuant : 79X  Race To Weekend Appearances=2

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#22 Allan Equality Wu

Allan Equality Wu


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Posted 07 July 2013 - 02:48 AM


AND TO END THE RACE, Over 15 Cars get absolutely ravaged . I marvel at how tech has gone so far to the point that not only have all of the drivers walked away from these bad wrecks, That This time, the catch fence did the job and resisted flying debris from crossing over

Apologies for bringing up the February Incident , but safety is always under appreciated - it deserves a hand after tonight's goings.


Jimmie Johnson [48] survives and outright wins the 400 - He is part of the first team to sweep the Daytona 500 and This summer's Coke Zero Firecracker race, Since the 1982 Bobby Allison Team ! AMAZING Statement There

If You Didnt Get To See The Race, Search for the reruns and Youtube hilights . It ranks amongst one of the better events this year in my mind.

I'll stay on and do my best to recap MORE :)


Unofficial Finishes 48 14 29 15 55

Rest of Top 10 78 1 88 13 39


INVOLVED IN WRECK BY START FINISH 17 18 10 36 38 31 16 93 32 21 - Good finishes here though all in Top 20


Finishing Outside Top 20  2 34 47 33 35 9 87 INVOLVED IN WRECK BY TURN 1 95 99


Other finishers more than 1 lap down Reutimann -3 [93] Actually wound up with hood stuck on windscreen Blaney -4  [7]

And the aforementioned that were knocked out in prior incidents starting with [5] Kahne


That Outlaw Team [78] Furniture Row had an outstanding race - they are a'winner ' in my eyes - They put themselves inside top 10 in points tonight - Low key race not a bad thing- that means, They Outlasted And Stayed Out of mayhems way


The [15] Bowyer team and [55] all in the Top 5, huge money day for them except they have to pay up for the [56] 
Wonderful points day for Michael Waltrip Racing there

Tony Stewart [14] Is runner up To JJ BUT [10] finished fairly strong (in the last pileup, Danica was turned, it happens :P ) [39 Finished great in 10th - So those are a few GREAT results for teams that NEED THE POINTS

For Wheldon!
-AllanW5  Alum , Rutgers '11 , Brooklyn Technical '06  SkillQuant : 79X  Race To Weekend Appearances=2

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Allan Equality Wu


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Posted 07 July 2013 - 03:19 AM

UPDATED ON MONDAY : ANOTHER Scary Development At Daytona, after the Nurburgring F1 on Sunday where an incident occured by the Mark Webber [2] Box - A tire came off and rolled into the path of a unaware cameraman, injuring him and sending him to hospital for rehabilitation 

On Sat Night,During the Last Lap of the Coke Zero 400, a 6 car incident occured by the Pit Straight

PitTalks.com reporting Debris knocked loose in the accident struck Team Logano - Penske [22] Front Tire Changer Jay Hackney , who luckily did NOT wind up severely hurt.

Thanks so much for reading this Guine
a Pig Experiment , I hope there was some insight I was able to pass on , or at least some semblance of it. Here though is the Professionals at NASCAR.com Logging the race


  • 10:51 P.M. ET

    Jimmie Johnson pads his points lead in the Sprint Cup standings. Unofficially, Clint Bowyer moves into second place after Carl Edwards' late wreck shifts him to third.

  • 10:47 P.M. ET

    Jimmie Johnson led 94 of 161 laps for his fourth victory of the Sprint Cup season. He also sealed a season sweep of Daytona's two Cup races, becoming the first since Bobby Allison accomplished the feat 31 years ago.

  • 10:44 P.M. ET

    In the second incident: Danica Patrick was hooked within sight of the checkers. It stacks up Kyle Busch, Gilliland, Yeley, Burton, Stenhouse, Mears, Biffle, Newman and Terry Labonte.

  • 10:42 P.M. ET

    Recapping the first incident: Ambrose, Edwards, Cassill, Nemechek and Speed all collect in turn 1 and 2.

  • 10:41 P.M. ET

    Final unofficial order is Johnson, Stewart, Harvick, Bowyer, Waltrip, Kurt Busch, McMurray, Earnhardt Jr., Mears, Stenhouse.

  • LAP 161

    Checkered flag: Johnson wins the Coke Zero 400 as the pack wrecks behind them in the tri-oval.

    Video Highlights
  • LAP 161

    Edwards and others wreck behind the pack. they race to the end.

  • LAP 160

    White flag: Johnson changes lanes in front of Stewart, still leads.

  • LAP 160

    Johnson side by side with Harvick.

  • LAP 159

    Green flag: Two laps to decide it, unless there's another yellow. Johnson picks the outside lane with Harvick on the inside in second place.

  • LAP 159

    Working the 159th lap and looking at a G-W-C finish that will give us one lap of overtime.

  • LAP 158

    Shaping up for a green-white-checkered finish with the order as Johnson, Harvick, Bowyer, Stewart, McMurray, Kurt Busch, Stenhouse, Gilliland, Patrick, Waltrip. Reutimann is the free pass car.

  • LAP 157

    Working yellow for the seventh time tonight. Wreck started when Johnson and Ambrose touched, sideswiping Kahne.

  • LAP 156

    Caution flag: Kahne shoots off from the inside line and hits the inside wall on the backstretch hard. He's out of the car OK. Ambrose slightly damaged.

  • LAP 155

    Still the 48 up front with Kahne behind. Ambrose has Bowyer pushing him, but Johnson trades lanes.

  • LAP 154

    Johnson and Kahne team up and drop to the low lane. Ambrose trying to get the outside line moving.

  • LAP 154

    Green flag: No restart trouble for Johnson this time. He leads to turn 1.

  • LAP 153

    Restart coming next time by. Running order is Johnson, Harvick, Stewart, Kahne, Kurt Busch in the top five. Spotters reporting that Jeff Gordon's car is dragging. He's pulled into the pits and is getting pushed back behind the wall.

  • LAP 151

    Caution flag: Engines re-fire and the cars roll off the backstretch, lifting the red flag.

  • LAP 151

    Order under the red flag remains unchanged from the last few laps: Johnson, Harvick, Stewart, Kahne, Kurt Busch, Ambrose, Patrick, Mears, Dale Jr., Bowyer in top 10. Pole-starter Kyle Busch's taped-up car runs 14th.

  • LAP 151

    Red flag: Working the 151st lap, cars are stopped on the backstretch for clean-up of the six-car wreck.

  • LAP 149

    Caution flag: Big crash into the tri-oval with 11 to go: Hamlin spins in front of the pack, collects Gordon, Allmendinger, Kenseth, Reutimann, Blaney.

    Video Highlights
  • LAP 147

    Breakaway doesn't happen. Dale Jr. leads the charge, pushing Mears. The second pack has caught the leaders.

  • LAP 146

    Looks like the front seven are about to break away. McMurray is side by side with Mears for eighth, some distance behind seventh-place Danica Patrick.

  • LAP 145

    Crunch time is setting in. Top five intact, but Ambrose in sixth and Danica in seventh have caught on to the lead pack.

  • LAP 144

    Johnson, in search of his fourth Sprint Cup win of the season, has led 76 laps thus far.

  • LAP 142

    It's Johnson-Harvick-Stewart as they cross the line again. Stewart has four career Daytona wins, with Johnson and Harvick two each.

  • LAP 140

    Johnson changes lanes to pick up Harvick. Stewart, Kahne and McMurray keep it an all-Chevy top five.

  • LAP 138

    Four-wide action with Bayne, Kyle Busch and others finally shakes out behind the lead four. Johnson, Kahne, Harvick, Kurt Busch hold down the fort in the low lane.

  • LAP 137

    The cream has risen to the top with Johnson, Stewart, Kahne and Keselowski in the top five.

  • LAP 136

    Danica has Jeff Gordon behind her, but they fade as Tony Stewart gets help from Keselowski in the middle line, working his way solidly into the top five.

  • LAP 134

    Danica makes it three-wide to the outside as Johnson-Kahne get clear as a 1-2 combo.

  • LAP 133

    Close formation for Johnson with Harvick behind him as Kahne and Stewart show some muscle on the outside.

  • LAP 132

    Green flag: Johnson, Keselowski, the resilient Kyle Busch, Harvick and Kurt Busch complete the top five into turn 1.

  • LAP 131

    Jeff Burton leads a lap under caution, then leads David Ragan and Josh Wise as they peel off onto pit road. That puts Jimmie Johnson back into the lead with Keselowski second.

  • LAP 130

    Denny Hamlin is the yellow flag's beneficiary, putting him back on the lead lap. One lap to go until green.

  • LAP 129

    Pitfalls for two drivers: Gordon veered onto the infield grass on pit road, digging up dirt. Michael Waltrip spun around, forcing his crew to pit the car pointed backward.

    Video Highlights
  • LAP 129

    Pit stops. Johnson leaves first and keeps the lead. Most of the front-runners take no tires. McMurray was the first driver to take two.

  • LAP 126

    Caution flag: Damage for Almirola, Allmendinger, Stremme and Biffle after Ambrose nudged Stremme in turn 4. Fourth yellow of the night.

  • LAP 125

    Danica Patrick winning the rookie battle so far, running eighth while boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. rides 15th.

  • LAP 123

    Remember the wonders Kyle Busch's crew did with 200-mph tape in the Coca-Cola 600? They've done it again, and he rides 11th, keeping pace with the lead pack.

  • LAP 121

    Johnson and McMurray still 1-2. Third-place Keselowski has won on restrictor-plate track Talladega, but still seeking his first Daytona win.

  • LAP 119

    Front nine drivers are using the low line. You have to go back to 10th-place Matt Kenseth, who started second, to find someone driving the high groove.

  • LAP 118

    Johnson, McMurray, Keselowski, Gordon, Kurt Busch remain the intact top five, but plenty of changes behind them.

  • LAP 117

    Amazingly, Kyle Busch has climbed back to 10th with a taped-up No. 18 Toyota.

  • LAP 115

    Likewise, Tony Stewart has come forward, sitting seventh behind Harvick in defense of his Coke Zero 400 crown from last season.

  • LAP 114

    As our TNT colleagues point out, Kevin Harvick has opted to drop the hammer after laying back. He's up to sixth, right behind Kurt Busch.

  • LAP 113

    Points as they run: With Bowyer, Edwards laying back, Johnson would have a 70-point lead over Bowyer and plus-73 over Edwards if the race ended this way.

  • LAP 112

    Johnson has now led 46 laps tonight, the most of any driver.

  • LAP 110

    Danica gets shuffled back in the order after changing lanes again. She's now back to sixth as Johnson, McMurray and Keselowski drive away.

  • LAP 109

    Now McMurray files in behind Johnson with Gordon third on the low side. Danica is in front on the high side, but third overall.

  • LAP 108

    Danica changes lanes, but so does Johnson. They remain 1-2 as McMurray and Gordon start to work together on the low side.

  • LAP 107

    It's now Johnson and Danica running 1-2 as they try to clear McMurray. Kenseth rides back in third behind them.

  • LAP 105

    Johnson back to the lead with Danica Patrick pushing.

  • LAP 104

    Green flag: Johnson works to the outside around McMurray on the restart.

  • LAP 103

    One lap to go until green. McMurray, Johnson, Gordon, Patrick, Earnhardt Jr. as the top five are all Chevrolets.

  • LAP 103

    Kyle Busch in for a long stop for repairs. Officials adding a penalty for too many men over the wall, but he'd be at the tail end anyway for the lengthy stay on pit road.

  • LAP 102

    Mass pit stops. Order in: McMurray, Johnson, Gordon, Keselowski, Kahne, Danica, Dale Jr., Kenseth, Kyle Busch, Allmendinger. Order out: McMurray, Johnson, Gordon, Danica, Earnhardt Jr., Kenseth Keselowski, Kahne, Stenhouse, Ambrose.

  • LAP 100

    Pit road will be closed for a while with the clean-up at pit entrance off turn 4.

  • LAP 98

    Caution flag: The 56 of Martin Truex Jr. breaks loose, collects Hamlin and catches Montoya. Truex bops the inside wall. Kyle Busch taps Hamlin to catch some front-end damage.

    Video Highlights
  • LAP 98

    The front 17 cars now settle into single-file racing with McMurray, Johnson, Gordon forming a 1-2-3 sweep in Chevys.

  • LAP 97

    A couple of underdogs lurking: Allmendinger ninth, Kurt Busch 10th.

  • LAP 95

    New order as Hamlin and Montoya drop back: McMurray, Johnson, Gordon, Keselowski, Kahne, Danica, Dale Jr., Truex complete the top eight.

  • LAP 94

    Danica Patrick makes her first appearance in the top 10 in a long while, running ninth last time by.

  • LAP 93

    The two Toyotas of Hamlin and Kenseth hold their own on the low lane, but McMurray powers past on the backstretch.

  • LAP 91

    Johnson coming back to the front, pushing McMurray past Kenseth into second place. Now there's three Chevys lined up on the outside in McMurray, Johnson and Gordon.

  • LAP 89

    Contenders still hanging near the back: Newman, Edwards, Harvick, Bowyer, Biffle, Stewart are all 25th or worse in the rundown.

  • LAP 87

    Kyle Busch rides 16th. He led early before his handling went away. Still fighting it.

  • LAP 85

    Front four reside on the bottom line. Hamlin has led the last 13 laps.

  • LAP 83

    McMurray showing some strength in the middle groove with Johnson pushing him. He's challenging Dale Jr. for third.

  • LAP 82

    Hamlin-Kenseth-Junior is still the top three. Montoya has made his way to fourth place, with Earnhardt Ganassi Racing teammate McMurray behind him in 5th.

  • LAP 80

    Halfway point. Now Johnson has help in the middle with teammate Jeff Gordon pushing. The 24 car has won six times at Daytona, so he's a good partner to have.

  • LAP 79

    Earnhardt Jr. has latched onto the JGR pair up front, putting the 88 car in third place.

  • LAP 78

    Johnson has found himself in a troubling spot, three-wide-middle in seventh behind the lead cars.

  • LAP 77

    Now Kenseth has hooked up behind teammate Hamlin as Joe Gibbs Racing now runs 1-2.

  • LAP 76

    Hamlin, McMurray, Kenseth now reside in the top three, but it's a big pack as the lead two run side by side.

  • LAP 75

    Hamlin has the top spot for the first time all day and he keeps it, barely over McMurray, for the first green-flag lap after the restart.

    Video Highlights
  • LAP 74

    Green flag: Shuffled order is now Hamlin, McMurray, Kenseth, Montoya, Ambrose, Bowyer, Allmendinger, Harvick, Earnhardt, Truex, Kyle Busch.

  • LAP 73

    Colin Pasi, front-tire changer for Edwards, narrowly escapes injury in an incident on the most recent pit stop.

  • LAP 72

    Ryan Newman will serve a penalty for an uncontrolled tire on his pit stop, tail end of the field. Cassill is again the free pass.

  • LAP 71

    Hamlin-McMurray-Kenseth was the order as Johnson, Kurt Busch, Kahne and other front-runners stop under yellow. Biffle gains four places in the pits.

  • LAP 70

    Logano's crash in turns 1 and 2 came right in the middle of green-flag pit stops. Major shuffling of the running order coming.

    Video Highlights
  • LAP 69

    Group pit stops behind the lead pack. McMurray peels off out of third place.

  • LAP 68

    Truex is the first to come down pit lane, Kyle Busch and Dale Jr. follow. Four tires for all three.

  • LAP 66

    Johnson has overtaken Kyle Busch for most laps led in the race. Johnson 35, Kyle Busch 30.

  • LAP 65

    Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who ran so well at Talladega in May, now sits fifth as the top rookie in the race.

  • LAP 63

    Should be seeing green-flag pit stops soon. Johnson, Kahne, McMurray still the lead trio.

  • LAP 62

    Dale Jr. now has some help on the outside from Denny Hamlin. He'll work around Kurt Busch for sixth place.

  • LAP 61

    Johnson still leading. As we mentioned in pre-race, if he wins he'll become the first driver to sweep Daytona's two events in a season since 1982, when Bobby Allison did it.

  • LAP 59

    Terry Labonte just crossed the line to complete his 59th lap. That puts him at 10,000 laps completed at Daytona in his career, the most of any driver all time.

  • LAP 58

    Points right now: With Johnson leading and Edwards back in 26th, it would be a 67-point lead in Sprint Cup standings for Five-Time if they finished this way.

  • LAP 57

    Three Chevys still setting the pace. Johnson, Kahne, McMurray sit 1-2-3.

  • LAP 56

    Top nine cars are all in the lower groove. You have to go all the way back to 10th-place Casey Mears to find a top-lane driver.

  • LAP 54

    The three Stewart-Haas Racing team cars are all in line, but near the tail of the field. Danica 27th, Stewart 28th, Newman 29th.

  • LAP 53

    Kyle Busch, who led 24 of the first 25 laps, is now shuffled all the way back in 15th.

  • LAP 51

    Johnson has led the last 19 laps, most of them with teammate Kahne behind him. The low line appears to be the best way around, at least for now.

  • LAP 49

    Front six is now down on the bottom groove. Johnson, Kahne, McMurray, Keselowski, Earnhardt, Stenhouse.

  • LAP 48

    And now Jamie McMurray, a former winner at Daytona, has entered the fray for the first time tonight. He has Keselowski behind him in fourth.

  • LAP 46

    Johnson and Kahne have a new third-place competitor lined up behind them in Denny Hamlin, who has rallied all the way back from 39th.

  • LAP 44

    After the 48-5 lead pair, it's Ambrose, Bayne, Biffle, Edwards and Logano in a quintet of Fords.

  • LAP 43

    Johnson-Kahne still the leading duo up front. Kahne still seeking his first win on a restrictor-plate track.

  • LAP 42

    Drivers hanging in the back: Harvick, M. Waltrip, Bowyer, Newman ... all outside the top 30.

  • LAP 40

    Logano leads the charge on the top side, but he's sitting fifth behind the first four on the inside lane.

  • LAP 39

    Your top 10 at the line: Johnson, Kahne, Ambrose, Bayne, Logano, Kyle Busch, Edwards, Kenseth, Biffle, Montoya.

  • LAP 38

    That's six straight laps led by Johnson. Early leader Kyle Busch has slipped back to seventh place.

  • LAP 37

    Johnson and Kahne still 1-2, but the Ford of Marcos Ambrose has emerged in third behind the two Chevrolets.

  • LAP 35

    At the stripe, Junior gets shuffled back out of line. He'll drop back to about 20th by the time he can file back into the pack.

  • LAP 34

    Johnson and Kahne pull Logano with them to third place. Behind them is Dale Earnhardt Jr. also working the low side of the track.

  • LAP 33

    Jimmie Johnson gets a solid run, leads at the start-finish line for the first time today.

  • LAP 32

    About as even as it gets: The Kyle Busch-Kenseth teammate pairing neck and neck with the Hendrick duo of Johnson-Kahne on the inside line.

  • LAP 31

    Side by side on the backstraight is Johnson and Kyle Busch. Chevys down low, Toyotas up high.

  • LAP 30

    Johnson sticks to the low groove plan, challenges Kyle Busch for the lead with help from teammate Kahne behind him.

  • LAP 29

    Green flag: Order on the restart is Kyle Busch, Kahne, Logano, Kenseth, Bayne, Harvick, Johnson, Earnhardt Jr.

  • LAP 28

    Former Coke Zero 400 winner David Ragan among those dipping onto pit road to top off with gas. They'll go green next time by.

  • LAP 27

    Terrible stop for Denny Hamlin, who drops all the way to 39th in the order after being blocked in by AJ Allmendinger's No. 51. Won't ruin his day since you can make up ground in a hurry at Daytona.

  • LAP 26

    Pit stops. Kyle Busch leads them in. Off pit road the order is Kyle Busch, Kahne, Logano, Kenseth, Bayne, Johnson, Dale Jr.

  • LAP 24

    Paul Menard's engine fails big-time while running third. We'll see pit stops for the first time today. Landon Cassill's No. 33 is the free pass car.

    Video Highlights
  • LAP 22

    Most of the field, including the lead pack, is working the high line. Only Jimmie Johnson, currently 12th, seems to be giving the low groove a shot.

  • LAP 21

    The Jimmie-Danica-Junior train is trying the low side, making a more interesting mix near the front. Hamlin squeezes out Danica and jumps in line.

  • LAP 20

    Jimmie Johnson has Danica Patrick lined up behind him. He's starting to move now, with teammate Dale Jr. along for the ride.

  • LAP 19

    Marcos Ambrose another big mover, jumping to ninth after starting 25th.

  • LAP 17

    Points as they run: Johnson runs 16th with Edwards 23rd. That makes the margin 45 points for the five-time champ atop the Sprint Cup standings.

  • LAP 16

    Top 10 cars separated by just a second as they cross the stripe -- Busch-Kahne-Menard still sit 1-2-3.

  • LAP 14

    Big names who have dropped to the back, pacing themselves -- Bowyer, Newman, Burton, Keselowski, Harvick.

  • LAP 13

    Kurt Busch is up to the fringes of the top five. Moved up to sixth after starting 22nd.

  • LAP 12

    Busch still out front, has led all but one lap.

  • LAP 11

    Kyle Busch finding comfort in the high line. Lead pack now settles in single file as Busch, Kahne, Menard, Logano, Bayne.

  • LAP 9

    A big mover so far, Joey Logano, who started 18th and is now up to fourth. Likewise, Trevor Bayne started 20th in the Wood Brothers Ford -- he's now fifth.

  • LAP 8

    Kahne, who's been knocked out of the last two restrictor-plate races by Kyle Busch, now has Busch in his sights in second place.

  • LAP 7

    Kyle Busch content to lead. He's been in front for six of the seven laps so far.

  • LAP 6

    Strategy playing out early. Dale Earnhardt Jr. drops from his 16th starting spot to 29th. Tony Stewart back in 31st after starting 13th.

  • LAP 4

    Toyotas strong early as Kyle Busch, Truex show 1-2.

  • LAP 4

    Kyle Busch leads at the stripe, Truex, Kahne, MWaltrip and Kenseth in a fluctuating top five.

  • LAP 3

    Kyle Busch makes the low line work, has Truex behind him as he snatches the lead.

  • LAP 2

    Kenseth leads at the line, but Kahne slingshots to the outside to the top spot. Major jumble near the front.

  • LAP 1

    Kenseth nudges ahead with a push from Kasey Kahne.


    Green flag: The Joe Gibbs Racing duo of 18-Kyle Busch and 20-Matt Kenseth on the front row lead the field toward turn 1.

  • 7:50 P.M. ET:

    Lights out atop the pace car. One lap until the green flag.


    Tony Stewart -- a four-time winner in the Coke Zero 400, including last year's running -- starts 13th.

  • 7:47 P.M. ET

    Cars are rolling. Your starting top 10: Kyle Busch, Kenseth, Bowyer, Kahne, Truex, Menard, M.Waltrip, Johnson, Stenhouse, Biffle. They'll go green the third time by the start-finish line.

  • 7:44 P.M. ET

    The NASCAR inspectors have given the 43 cars the thumbs-up. The field will roll out shortly for pace laps.

  • 7:42 P.M. ET

    Well, then. And with that, the engines are cranked at Daytona.


    Tonight's honorary pace car driver is Machinery Repairman 1st Class Enlisted Surface Warfare Qualified Brandon Michael Woodard. He'll lead the field to green.

    Video Highlights

    Tonight's race is scheduled for 160 laps, 400 miles on a 2.5-mile track. The fuel window is approx. 35 laps. Pit road speed limit is 55 mph and the pace car speed is 70 mph.


For Wheldon!
-AllanW5  Alum , Rutgers '11 , Brooklyn Technical '06  SkillQuant : 79X  Race To Weekend Appearances=2

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#24 Allan Equality Wu

Allan Equality Wu


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Posted 17 July 2013 - 07:47 PM


VERY SCARY situation , following up on the Perils of NASCAR drivers participating in dirt racing 



Stewart involved in this racing incident in New York State- One of the biggest pileups in Dirt racing history


One of Smoke's fellow competitors had to go to hospital following this scary dirt track sitting duck pileup - the ones you see in Quick Races here. Gosh !

A female driver - whose dad also raced there-- 19 Year Old Alysha Ruggles was quickly transported to hospital , and is reportedly doing fine- but dealing with a back injury - a common one since Denny Hamlin needed downtime in Cup to deal with back and Jeff Gordon had his back issues

All of this , happening months after Jason Leffler was fatally injured in a dirt oval AND later this week Trucks are racing at Stewart's owned facility at Eldora

Very frightening to hear but encouraging news so far

Dirt ovals are not going away - so I wonder if the revenue and resource coming from this attention can reinforce driver and fan safety since this form of racing HAS UNIQUE Consequences and injury potentials 

For Wheldon!
-AllanW5  Alum , Rutgers '11 , Brooklyn Technical '06  SkillQuant : 79X  Race To Weekend Appearances=2

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 08:10 PM

these winged sprint cars need to be looked at pronto, i know there are some research going on atm, but this needs huge attention from all motorsports sanctions!  :unsure:

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Posted 23 July 2013 - 09:49 PM

Yes I for one am very fascinated --- I think tomorrow night 9PM July 24 is Camping World Supertruck series Midsummer classic 

A huge first dirt track race for the Truck series starring Cup personalities

For many US neighborhoods -- the only racing they get to see in person is at the Dirt Track

A great thing for NASCAR to keep national fans busy by posting those vids on Cable and Internet And of course SRW is adding it into the games

So it should make people a little concerned -- racers innately race close quarters - the cars look NOTHING like the cars in le Mans series or in SRW

 And I'm betting investigators have something interesting to say and it'll be worth it for Administrators and fans alike to read into , say The Jason leffler investigation report. Hoping the PDF will be uploaded from that

For Wheldon!
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Posted 17 April 2014 - 11:01 PM

The 2012 Talladega crash is a joke compared to this



everyone was surprisingly ok but over 30 cars in a field of 60 where koed on one turn


doubt that'll happen today....  :ph34r:  :ph34r:

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Posted 18 April 2014 - 01:16 PM

They had 60 cars, today we have about 43 or something like that.




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Posted 10 December 2014 - 01:12 PM

It's one of my favourite motorsports. I've been to Daytona Speedweeks for the last 6 years.



need some company?:)

#30 Tbolt


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Posted 11 December 2014 - 07:34 PM

need some company? :)


All organised, booked and paid for, though if you are going I would meet up with you there.

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#31 Allan Equality Wu

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Posted 01 March 2015 - 03:36 PM

Good Morning - it is NASCAR morning in America  ~ 
Cup Action in Atlanta Georgia Scheduled for 1:10 Eastern Except If Rain lingers & Jet Drying

Proud to announce that as of my hobby and my new opportunity I'll pool together the posts from the sports site I volunteer on 

To provide Updates as NASCAR Cup Races Goes On, Here from 


Atlanta Race Starts 1P , Prerace TV starts earlier. 

UPDATE: The Commands Been Given :) 

INTENSE picture here [3] Austin Dillon, driving for Richard Childress, his grandfather, had a run in with Regan Smith [41]
[3]Austin Dillon shredded his tire and the rubber carcass needs to be picked up on the track


IF YOU ARE NOT BY A TV / Can't Watch BUT Want To Know The Meat Of What Happens, WATCH THIS SPACE :)

For Wheldon!
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#32 Allan Equality Wu

Allan Equality Wu


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Posted 01 March 2015 - 10:14 PM

Still Updating :) On this page ! 

Crazy incident of the day - Atlanta,, a so so race, a Race that dragged because of the 1 hours holding pattern of rain

But we may still set up for a good finish even though some good cars got taken out here 

Damn that Jeff Gordon has horrendous fortune - he keeps winding up in accidents where the car smacks a Non-Safer foam enforced wall

Another insane accident later,and we have a winner . And some spent Goodyear tires

WTG Hendrick [48] team and Jimmie Johnson


See you on SRW !!!  -AllanW5

For Wheldon!
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#33 ComputerWhiz



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Posted 22 March 2015 - 12:41 AM

Used to love NASCAR. Not a huge now though.

After the 2013 Chase incident with Jeff Gordon being the 13th Chase driver and now with the new Chase format, it just seems stupid.


Respect the drivers, just don't like the sport.

#34 Dude74


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Posted 24 March 2015 - 08:49 AM

Think it nuts Nascar doesnt race in the rain...stick some wipers and wets on and get back out there......

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Posted 25 August 2015 - 10:58 PM

I love Nascar, but i think it would be better if they just raced actual stock cars with minimal modifications (safety etc) like they used to, that would be so much better.


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#36 Fettuccine


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Posted 26 August 2015 - 12:45 AM

Nascar at MidOhio had wipers, xfinity I think, but it didn't rain. They don't do it on ovals for good reason.

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