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[Resolved] MR2 Turbo - Wrong Model, Engine, and Performance...

mr2 turbo

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 03:52 PM

  The MR2 presented in the game is labeled as a Turbo, but it's stats, performance, and appearance are incorrect for any Turbo model (JDM or USDM).  Here are the details:


-  For the right hand drive JDM Turbo model, SRW should be using the 242 bhp/224 ft/lbs torque 3S-GTE engine.  For a left hand drive USDM Turbo model, SRW should use the 200 bhp/200 ft/lbs torque 3S-GTE engine.  No Turbo model had 142 ft/lbs torque as displayed in the game.  Also, in the specs, the engine is listed as a 'V4', instead the car had an inline/I4 configuration.
-  The engine compartment lid should have raised vents, not recessed vents.  Only naturally aspirated cars had recessed vents.
-  The trunk lid should have a ‘Turbo’ label on it.
-  The exhaust tips should be much larger on the turbo model.  Right now in the game they are the naturally aspirated version.
-  All Turbo models had fog lamps.  The version in the game has no fog lamps and again appears to be a naturally aspirated model.
-  The instrumentation should include a boost gauge in place of the volt meter.  Only the naturally aspirated cars had a volt meter.
-  Rough timing of 0-60 and other acceleration behavior indicates the car used in the game is close to the performance of a naturally aspirated model only.  The Turbo should have significantly better results.
  So it appears a naturally aspirated version of the car was used rather than the correct Turbo model.

#2 Giancarlo Lenzi

Giancarlo Lenzi


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Posted 04 June 2013 - 04:19 PM

This is correct! This seems like a homologation of a 92 MR2 Body, 4th/5th Generation BEAMS NA 3S-GE engine with a Turbo Spool and Blowoff sound added and no LSD. http://mr2wiki.com/A...ls/EngineModels


Really glad it's NA though since the rFactor F1Elites MR2 mod only has Turbo models! Would it be possible to get multiple versions of this car SimRaceWay?? 92 NA MR2, 93+ Turbo and 95+ NA with LSD?




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Posted 05 June 2013 - 06:27 PM

  Having both a NA and a Turbo would be great.  There is a range of NA engines that could be applied, so pinning down which one would be important.  For now though at least, they need to fix the Turbo model which has the wrong body, stats, and performance.

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Posted 06 June 2013 - 11:32 PM

Thanks SFSW. I'll bring this up to the art team. What I know so far is that the car was made to the spec posted below. As far as the car model itself, I know these types of cars tend to have a ton of interchangeable parts. It can be hard to discern which parts go with which versions. I do notice some of the differences you have mentioned and I will chase them down with the art guys. 




Thanks again,






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Posted 07 June 2013 - 12:37 AM

  Cool, thanks for the update!  Whoever wrote that page apparently did not know much about MR2's (at least the MKII's).  Additionally, the problems go beyond cosmetic inaccuracies and includes real-world performance and stat errors as well.  For example, the torque figure in the game is lower than a MK1 supercharged model and is even lower than a naturally aspirated MKII model.  Also, the compression ratio listed there isn't accurate for any MR2 of any generation.


  I've gone through the entire thing and corrected the relevant values they presented on that incorrect page and posted the correct values/stats below (using data from reputable sources such as Toyota itself, Road and Track, Motor Trend, Autocar, Motor Magazine, etc, cross referenced for accuracy):


Engine:  JDM (right hand drive) - 242 bhp @ 6000 rpm / 224 ft/lbs @ 4000 rpm
         USDM (left hand drive) - 200 bhp @ 6000 rpm / 200 ft/lbs @ 3200 rpm

Curb Weight:  2782 lbs (other sources list 2888 and 2908, so 2908 is an ok figure to go with)
Power-to-weight:  JDM (right hand drive) - 12.01 lbs/hp & 12.98 lbs/ft-lbs
                  USDM (left hand drive) - 14.54 lbs/hp & 14.54 lbs/ft-lbs


Fuel System:  MPFI Gasoline
Displacement:  1998 cc
Bore:  86 mm
Stroke:  86 mm
Valvetrain:  DOHC
Compression Ratio:  8.5:1 (JDM) / 8.8:1 (USDM)
Transmission:  5-speed Manual (1st 3.23:1, 2nd 1.91:1, 3rd 1.26:1, 4th 0.91:1, 5th 0.73:1, FD 3.13:1)
City Economy:  20
Highway Economy:  27


Wheel Drive:  RWD
Length:  164.2 in
Width:  66.9 in
Height:  48.6 in
Wheelbase:  94.5 in
Turning Diameter:  32.1 ft
Steering Type:  R&P
Front Suspension:  Ind
Rear Suspension:  Ind


  These values and specs should prove far more accurate and should be used for the car in the game, along with the cosmetic corrections I listed in my first post.  If you keep the right hand drive model, you should use a '94 or '95 JDM model with the specs above.  If you switch to a left hand drive model, the USDM specs should be used.




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Posted 11 June 2013 - 07:22 PM

  Oh, I forgot to include that if you decide to correct the car to a 1994 or 1995 right hand drive JDM model, you'll also need to update the rear end (taillights and center panel) and the rear spoiler.  Here is the later car's appearance at the back:




#7 Guest_SRW_Dawson_*

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Posted 12 June 2013 - 08:12 PM

Thanks SFSW. We will probably make corrections to the car model to make it look more like the stated "MR-2 Turbo" version. Nice job collecting all the info. 


Thanks again,






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Posted 04 October 2013 - 08:54 PM

  Wanted to bump this thread to follow up after today's update for the MR2 Turbo.


  First, thank you!  The car now has the power and accurate acceleration behavior of the Turbo model.  I clocked 0-60 in right about the exact time it should be at along with other acceleration tests.  So the numbers and performance now line up nicely with the real world 1994-1995 right hand drive JDM Turbo car.  That said, there are some remaining issues which I hope can be addressed, only one of which appears to be functional, which is great as all of the other functional aspects of the car appear to be correctly addressed.  Here is the list of what remains:


- First, the functional issue, which likely relates to one of the remaining cosmetic issues.  It looks like '91-'92 series wheels and tires are still being used, which would be 14-inch 195/60 front and 14-inch 205/60 rear.  For the later JDM Turbo car, the wheels and tires should be 15-inches, 195/55 front and 225/50 rear (this was done in '93 to reduce oversteer and help traction).  '94 and up JDM cars should have these wheels and tires.  Hopefully, the physics for the braking system are also accurate for the Turbo which uses twin piston front calipers.  Obviously, this is difficult for me to test as a player, so it's just something that would need to be verified internally.  The wheels and tires do appear incorrect though for the car.


  The rest of these are mostly just cosmetic and text issues.  Not too serious, but would be good to correct for accuracy:


- In the garage and pre-launch tiled list sections of the game, the horsepower and torque figures are still displayed as 200 and 142 respectively.  The figures are correctly displayed in the pre-launch color selection stage of the game as 242 and 223 respectively.  So the 200/142 numbers just need to be corrected to 242/223 in the other parts of the game.


- The body of the car is still a naturally aspirated model rather than a Turbo.  Engine vents need to be elevated and not recessed, exhaust tips need to be larger, foglight needs to be added, a 'Turbo' label added to the right side of the trunk lid, and a boost gauge added to the interior.  Also, since it's modeled after a '94 JDM right hand drive model car, the year should also probably be changed from 1992 to 1994.  As such, the taillights, rear center panel, and wing also need to be corrected for the '94 model year (as in the pictures I posted above in this thread).


  So that's really all that remains.  It's great to have the performance on par with the actual car now, I find myself handing the SRW MR2 in the same kinds of ways I manage the real world car, which is excellent for a sense of realism.  Traction may still be a little weak in the back due to the smaller tires being used, but the overall feel and behavior of the car is now very close to the real thing.  Nice work!

#9 SRW_Marco



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Posted 04 October 2013 - 09:45 PM

Thank you very much , we decided to push the physic update (which is exactly as you described right now, brakes and tires too) today together with other toyota's road cars, and as you can feel the MR2 works now as it should and with correct performance.

The information on website is now updated as well. As soon as we have chance to we will try to make the graphic fixes, in the meantime i hope you enjoy the driving ;)



#10 SFSW



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Posted 19 June 2014 - 07:57 PM

  In case this might help, there is a 3D model available on TurboSquid of the 1994-1999 era MK2 MR2, which you could likely license and use needed components from.  It includes the needed fog lamps, rear wing, rear taillights and center piece, along with the more accurate wheels/tires of the later '94 and up turbo car.  You'd still need to apply the raised decklid vents over the engine compartment and larger tailpipes found on the turbo model, but the other important details of the car are on this model:

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: mr2, turbo

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