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Tume's diecast collection

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Posted 04 November 2015 - 10:01 PM

Hey guys!


Almost my whole life I've had one problem. I never had enough cars. I always got more, until the milestone of one hundred was reached. But I didn't stop there, I kept getting more. An idea of immortalizing all of them has always been stuck in my mind, only to be brought back into the surface when mentioned, but I never had the oomph to do it. The idea also included just a modest, group pic of all the cars in one pic. But that'd be kinda lame, so I took it to the next level a few days ago!


I took two shots of each of my real-life (small) models, front and rear view angled so you can see the side as well. The total amount of pics was 202, which means a hefty 101 cars. However, it was known for long I had well over a hundred cars, and this is true, I still got plenty of cars waiting to be immortalized, including bigger models, but for now, I only focused my efforts on the legit cars which still made the majority of all the smaller models. I also excluded cars such as police, dragster and hot rod editions. This collection focuses on pure street and race cars. There are a few tuned ones as well but I didn't want to exclude them.


The project took me a few days though I thought I might've been able to complete it all in one day, but I was wrong. Taking all the pics took many hours, but getting them into a Word document proved more challenging. I also had major problems with the styling of the document, so it took me a while to figure until I finally got it all together, so! Here you go, a PDF document I saved from the Word document I worked on. I even added a contents list with all the real-life car manufacturers (a total of 33), so if you are feeling lucky you might just find one of your favourites with a single click! You may also download the PDF and open it in your browser, I find that easier than using it via Dropbox.


Of course, I would appreciate if you scrolled through the whole list. It won't take too long, but I hope you will enjoy the effort I made. I'd also appreciate any feedback, thoughts or questions in this thread. :)


P.S. It's been a long while since I last bought any diecast. It's been years.

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Posted 10 November 2015 - 07:57 PM

that Plymouth GTX catch my eye, nice colection, years ago I too had quite a colection of those type of cars  :)

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