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Car setups get overwritten, explanation inside:

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#1 robnitro



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Posted 18 January 2015 - 04:49 AM


I've been testing different cars at Brno WTCC event and I have found a bug.



I make a really good setup on BMW TC.  I save it as "brnorob".  If I go back in, brnorob is there and I can load it.


Now I go in Brno and use Chevy.  I save the setup as "brnorob".  (No warning for overwrite setup.)

It's fine to load for Chevy, if I go back.


But if I go back to BMW, the brnorob setup for BMW is gone!  But go into Chevy it is there.


So, I looked into the appdata\roaming\Simraceway\userdata\robnitro\Settings\Brnoexact

and I see that ALL of the car settings are saved there.  That means if you save a setup for a different car under the same name, it will over write the previous car!  But there is no overwrite warning!!


Much frustration, now I have to remember my BMW setup :(

#2 robnitro



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Posted 21 January 2015 - 09:08 PM

The funny thing is that because I lost my good BMW setup, I switched teams and went to Chevy. 


Having that car for a while and tweaking it- got it to run fast and smooth (but only issue was tire overheating, hehe). 


A bad thing leading to a good thing, lol.

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