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1990 Mazda 787

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Posted 30 May 2013 - 09:13 PM







Top Speed: 220 MPH
0-60: 2.2 Seconds
Horsepower: 700 @ 9000 RPM
Torque: 448 @ 6500 RPM
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Drivetrain: RWD

Based on the 767 and 767B racers that had been campaigned by Mazda in the 1988 and 1989 seasons, the 787 was a Group C sports prototype that formed the basis of the 787B -- the first, and only, Japanese-made car to triumph at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Sporting a carbon composite-and-Kevlar chassis, and a sleeker appearance than its predecessor, the Nigel Stroud-designed racer retained many mechanical parts used by the 767B. However, significantly, it was fitted with a brand-new, custom-built engine. The 2.6-liter R26B could produce 900 bhp, although for the purposes of longevity it was limited to only 700.


Entered into the 1990 24 Hours of Le Mans, a pair of Mazdaspeed 787s performed admirably until both were forced out of the race due to what was later discovered to be the effects of excessive engine heat. However the team would learn its lessons by the time it headed back to the Circuit de la Sarthe a year later.


Please share your reviews, videos, pictures, or critiques about the 787 in the comment section. And be sure to check back regularly to read our very own Simraceway staff give you some insight into the creation of our high-performance workhorse. 


Simraceway Community and Customer Service
San Francisco, California

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Posted 13 September 2013 - 02:44 PM

Great car!

Pedro Ramos :D

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Posted 29 October 2013 - 05:36 PM

Drove this car when it was free to drive (think when it was released) back in May and loved it, didn't have money to buy it at the time though.

Made this video of it at Laguna Seca, such a great car to drive I do feel it is a must have. Which is why it should come on TDT!

#4 Clemsie McKenzie

Clemsie McKenzie


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 05:25 PM

Test Drive Tuesday review #27: 1990 Mazda 787



1990 produced some of the most iconic endurance racers of all time: Jaguar XJR-12, Porsche 962C, Nissan R90CK, and a new Mazda entry, the 787. These group C cars were known for their brutal speed and good use of underbody aerodynamics, getting them around the Le Mans track at scary speeds. One Nissan was caught doing 227mph during qualifying that year, and yes two chicanes already broke the Mulsanne straight at the time.


To answer the criticism their rotary engine was facing at the time, Mazda set about proving its worthiness by winning the 24 hours of Le Mans. In 1990, they introduced the second iteration of their four-rotor engine, the R26B. Producing around 900hp in qualifying, it was detuned over reliability concerns to 700hp for the race. This didn’t prove to be enough for the 1990 entry, as neither of the two 787 finished the race due to engine overheating after the night. But after some modification, the Renown-liveried 787B won the 1991 race and became the only Japanese entry to win Le Mans to date, and obviously the only rotary-powered car to ever win the 24 hours race.


And of course the most notable thing about this car is its engine. The angry, loud shriek is one unforgettable noise. But there’s more. Although in 700hp race trim, the R26B stays immensely powerful for the lightweight racecar. One thing I didn’t expect is how usable the power band is: I thought this was going to be a very peaky engine, only working properly at the highest rpms. It isn’t the case. Yes, there are more torquey engines out there, and the Jaguar V12 of its contemporary competitors probably put it to shame on that respect. But it still pulls strong from 5,000rmps, which is remarkable. And useful, because there are only five gears.


But from a pure driving standpoint, the engine isn’t the most impressive thing about this car; the downforce is. When you look at the 787, and at other group C cars of this era, you don’t think it is very advanced aerodynamically. But this blunt looks hide a secret of these cars: massive use of ground effects. While the visible parts of the car are sleek to the extreme, the underbody are deeply worked around the diffuser. And when you take it to the high speeds the Mazda loves, it works wonders. The car really feels sucked to the ground, and the cornering speeds are unbelievable for a car that’s 25 years old. It’s not like the Lotus 88 either: the car works perfectly well when not going fast enough for the downforce to become dominant. Yes the rear-end can be a bit characterful, especially under braking. But other than that, it remains a pretty approachable and predictable car, if you remember to ease off the brakes when decelerating under 3rd gear. Which is impressive considering how fast it is. It is well balanced and just challenging enough not to be boring.


To drive, it is everything you can expect from a racecar of this era, and then some. The car reacts quickly, maybe bluntly to everything you do. But it’s never twitchy, and never unexpected. It’s never telling you to drive it in a smoother manner. The 787 is a car that wants you to go hard with it. And fast.


Overall a great car, and also the fastest prototype of Simraceway, which is noteworthy considering the opposition it’s facing.



To find out how it did against all the other TDT cars, follow this link to the TDT Leaderboards: https://goo.gl/ATr6mF

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#5 Clemsie McKenzie

Clemsie McKenzie


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Posted 18 August 2015 - 04:32 PM

This got me all emotional! What a car.



SQ currently around: 875 - car collection: 55 (Gotta catch them all!) - ingame ID: RAFU_Alonso

The link to the Test Drive Tuesday cars leaderboards: https://goo.gl/ATr6mF

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