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We all love f1 and Bernie Ecclestone: The Cold Hard Facts

F1 Love Hate Emotional WTF Bernie WeLoveBernie Ecclestone

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Posted 20 October 2014 - 02:33 AM

Tonight (or today if your in another part of the world) I wrote something on this topic in Racer.com


Check it out



And i made the conclusion we love F1 and Bernie Ecclestone, I am not even trolling you can swim, go through mountains or whatever to see me straight in my face and i will tell you dead in this eye I love it and so do you.


This is what i said:



  • Greg Miron(LoneWolfGAM)  a minute ago

    You can bark at me all you want, but it's neither Herman Tilkes or Pirelli's fault.

    The track produced really good shows in the GP2 and GP3 (i am as dead serious as i can be). As a matter of fact all other tracks by Tilke produce a much better race than F1.

    The problem is the f1 car itself. It's design to flawlessly handle each corner with the highest speed and the lowest force (like a prototype on steroids). Since each team in a very and i repeat a very different situation financially and technically, the cars are broad apart in speed and time because of the massive rule book (that and it's been like that since forever though more noticeable since the Ferrari monopoly).

    I can go on and on for why f1 is at a state like this.

    But to sum it up
    A bad (so you all call it, but whatever) technical track + Super technical and agile car + 11 teams. 22 cars, 2 for each team + Over millions of currency used for various reason from each team + A massive rule book leaving those who know like Newey to think of loopholes+ Talented and PAY drivers running and screwing around the race + one demonic ceo + one at more often times an unpromising federation leader + very poor choices + it's simply cause we all can't have nice things, it's life = This, enough said.

    The fact that i rant about the confusion in F1, for each race i just can't bear watching such a very unusual train ride, and make me post such a long and estranged monologue has basically put me in such weird emotions i love it.

    You guys love F1 and other champs like this too when they are at such state. We desperately love to have this and that in F1. As Bob Geldof said "Mankind is at it's most desperate is often at it's best". Mr. Ecclestone, you are indeed the best troll in the world but the greatest person in this world at the same time. Admit it everyone. I'm not even trying to be a moron, troll, or a (censor). You all agree we love F1 and Bernie right now. There is no denial.



The Fact is we are born with the feeling of something bad seducing us, clinging on to it we love it.

You cannot deny yourself. The more you do that the more you hurt your self.


Racing is Passion. Don't forget that.

"I don't have to sell my soul /He's already in me... I don't need to sell my soul /He's already in me...
I wanna be adored..."
I wanna be adored- The Stone Roses @}-;-'---

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Posted 20 October 2014 - 06:12 PM

You should really stop smoking that stuff m8. :P

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