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GP Anniversary Championship

gp anniversary championship silverstone mclaren mp4-29 mclaren mp4/4 donington park lotus 88b brands hatch lotus 72

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#101 Reno



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Posted 04 August 2014 - 10:26 AM

This was a disappointing end to an otherwise disappointing day. I mean, when you let the cookies burn in the oven, this is a sign of a bad day... :rolleyes:

Then, when I joined the practice session, I noticed something was a little off. For whatever reason, I lost some of the force feedback in my G27 wheel. I wasted time trying to find a solution and only made one flying lap in the qualification session. Not only was it slow, but I couldn't get the force feedback back.


I started 7th and made a great clean start, despite a light contact in the first lap. I was 5th and traling the guy in front of me (can't remember who he was). Kobayashi10 was too far behind and I had no pressure.



However I went a little wide at Copse and Reno passed me, so I was in P6 for a couple of laps.  Then at the start of Lap 3, Reno entered The Loop a little slower than I expected and I tapped him at the apex, but it was enough to spin him, costing him three positions.  Sorry about that Reno! :(



Indeed, I made a mistake exiting Turn 1. The driver in front of me went off-line and, instead of focusing on my driving, I just followed him. As a consequence, I missed the apex in the following corner. I regained control right before the Loop but I saw in my mirror that you had closed the gap and I knew what was going to happen... Honestly, I made a rookie mistake and indirectly paid for it. This may be your fault but I won't be holding any grudge against you. That's just a racing incident, this kind of things happen.


The race just got worse after I restarted 8th. I closed the gap on 10@ and sneaked inside when he ran too wide (I think it was the last corner). But I didn't see he was still on the outside at the exit and he clipped my left rear... and I spun again. A wonderful 360° that should be rewarded with a freestyle bonus point :D Anyway, another racing incident that made me stumble down to 11th or 12th.

I managed to finish 8th thanks to... whatever happened on the track in front of me. I could have cracked a top 5 finish... or not, considering the impredictable aspect of racing ;)


Too bad I couldn't compete in the MP4/4 event last month. I qualified for the main event but I was at work on race day. Yes, even on Sunday!

I look forward to the WTCC events. I played a lot of Race 07 with the SEAT and I hope to be more competitive to play with you again, guys!

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Posted 04 August 2014 - 10:58 AM

Oh I was wondering why you seemed to be going a bit slow.  Your pace is usually faster than mine, but you finished less than three seconds in front of me.  Yeah if you didn't have the problem you would have at least been fighting clark10 for P2.

Yeah maybe I could have fight with them... maybe, because imagine if I spun XD But it's pity... and the solution was soooooooooo easy! But when you enter the race you cant go back :( Damn bugs :P :(


Well, let's see how Coss decides about the overall results :)


I hope this month I do all the races, but idk if I'm going to travel a bit :P

Pedro Ramos :D

#103 Blue_Fatal1ty



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Posted 13 August 2014 - 11:46 PM

Final standings are? 

#104 brockie



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Posted 30 September 2014 - 06:06 AM

has this event been finalized and paid, if not any word when this may happen please?

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#105 SRW_Cossacco


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Posted 13 June 2015 - 05:23 PM

All prizes for this Championship have been awarded and paid out to your Simraceway accounts. For details, please go to: https://docs.google....zexWnrYK3oPRufQ



This thread will be updated with necessary tables later on.


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