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jag d-type suspension

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Posted 14 November 2014 - 09:37 PM

Thanks coss for this update.  I never had a problem with the roll then, but now it is much better!


Going by the subjective opinion of Brundle saying it rolls a lot is not science.

People saying I feel it rolls too much is not science either.

But you were quick to put down our opinion to reinforce the status quo at first.


Thankfully it was sorted out with videos and such.


I know SRW is a beta, and there will be bugs and such, and that is acceptable.

But instead of saying everything is fine first, can there be a "well, hmm, let's look into it" instead of acting like there is no problem or that we are crazy because we oppose so and so "facts"?


If it weren't beta, then ok- well I would understand the choice, but beta in itself means open to improvements- right?


Anyway, awesome and I know I'm late to respond but it's some things that I feel that will help SRW be better!

BTW, any plans to merge with ISI and do their online gaming system for rfactor2?  That would be awesome!



Hello again, D-Type owners and fans  :)



Goodwood Revival is in progress and there's a large Jaguar D-Type race coming up, featuring 23 of them! Therefore, we will have our D-Type available for a test drive during the whole weekend and it's suspension has been completely re-done for the occasion. That following points raised in the discussion above. 



I personally hope that you will like it. Make sure to take it to Laguna Seca Reverse  ;)

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