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Troyton Raceway

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 09:30 PM









Opened: January 9, 2012
Location: Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Turns: 16
Length: 2.665 mi
Real-world record: N/A
SRW virtual record: 1:51.116 - Sp4c3

Following a challenging route that spells out its initials, the course incorporates a 3.23-mile Grand Prix circuit, complete with a banked 180-degree turn, a 2.66-mile club circuit, which replaces the stem of the "T" with a tricky triple chicane, and a 0.8-mile twisting kart track. Since its foundation, it has earned comparisons with a number of established tracks, including Monaco (thanks to its distinctive tunnel section and armada of multi-million-dollar yachts moored alongside) but, in reality, although its intricate design borrows from a number of celebrated circuits, Troyton Raceway is very much its own course.

Please share your reviews, videos, pictures, or critiques about Troyton in the comment section. And be sure to check back regularly to read our very own Simraceway staff give you some insight into the creation of this racing venue. 

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Posted 26 August 2013 - 07:49 PM

Actually this venue = Monaco + Paradise Bay + Mt Panorama , Bathurst !

I still found my framerate still needs improvement for this track

Every other track works wonderfully smooth

But I race here in TV Cockpit view not in car view---- 

And its tough that even the Kart track has this weird framerate - Im Redownloading (force) this file set though!

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Posted 27 August 2013 - 09:32 PM

It's such a lovely track, i know it came from rFactor and had a skidpad instead of the kart course. (you can look it up online to see)  :lol:


the track flows really sooth, it has that monaco, paradise bay, bathurst feeling like allan said. it's also a very technical track, it's really easy to make a mistake there, so you better watch out hehehe.  :D




however :( it's too laggy for me to race there :( i have a HP Pavilion g6-1d73us Notebook and with 30-40 fps and other road courses and 40-50 on some ovals, i get.... 15-20 fps... i hope someday we will see more FPS improvements :)

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#4 Risto Kappet

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Posted 10 December 2013 - 11:12 AM

Yes more about the lag mentioned above, terrible peformance on the kart track even.

Simple solution: remove more buildings and misc stuff when using low track details. I feel like this is an universal solution for all low fps tracks (not many left)

people who run low track detail dont want to see any things on the background anyway so just remove as much of the details as possible.


Take examples from tracks like laguna seca: if you put it to low track detail then you really lose almost all buildings and stuff in the background and that makes the track run very very smoothly (which it is not on medium and higher)


Also this i imagine would be very easy to do instead of retexturing stuff etc, just remove things from low detail track :)

- Launger

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