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Simraceway Race to the Weekend and Sunday Race-Off 38 (Skillquant)

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#41 mbindels



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Posted 19 August 2013 - 02:19 PM

Im going to travel, but if I can, maybe i will participate in the next SRO. (if I have internet, time, blah blah blah).


BTW, if I race it's going to be with keyboard


You can try to race with a mouse


#42 supercar1



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Posted 19 August 2013 - 11:39 PM

I will see what's best for me. Thanks anyway :D

Pedro Ramos :D

#43 RickSpeed



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Posted 22 August 2013 - 02:06 PM

Some results for you guys:


SRO38 SQ1000-1100:



SRO38 SQ900-1000:



SRO38 SQ800-900:



SRO38 SQ700-800:


If you have a replay of this race, please PM me. Thanks.


SRO38 SQ500-700:


Thanks to Bolinhas for supplying the replay for this race





Fantasy League Standings:


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#44 Dimitris Giannopoulos

Dimitris Giannopoulos


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Posted 22 August 2013 - 03:10 PM

Simraceway Sunday Race-Offs Week 38

"Don't even think of getting close to the sand of this track" was undoubtedly the slogan that characterized the 38th week of the Simraceway Sunday Race-Offs. Located in The Netherlands and known for its fast corners and flat kerbs, Assen was to provide this week's racers with a pleasant headache, regarding the dilemma "go fast or go safe to avoid the sand". German manufacturer BMW provided the racers, who wanted to challenge the racetrack, with the keys of its BMW Z4 GT3 racecar.


Skillquant Group 700-800: Mika67lb dominates the event, poleman mbindels spins out early. Many cars lose their rear wing on the first lap and Clark10 gets into the sand


Despite the fact that he didn't complete his absolute domination in this Skillquant Group, by not scoring the much-wanted victory in the Race-Off, mika67lb wasn't let down. Instead, he went on and tried to succeed in winning the Race to the Weekend event, posting the second fastest time in Sunday's Qualifying session and dominating the Sunday Race-Off session, which was 7 laps long. Mika67lb started the race strongly from the first row of the grid and took the lead on the first corner. Mbindels, the poleman, didn't manage to hold on to second place and had two spins in lap 1. Allanw5, BrockLanders.de and mbindels himself, all lost their rear wing in lap 1. The car was undriveable for the trio, without a rear wing, which led them all to spinning again and again; consequently, the first two quit the race, but mbindels went into the pits to fix the damage and went back out on track. In front, mika67lb was leading, with gymwhaley climbing up to second and dahrec in third. Clark10 had a solid run in fourth and rguzmanb completed the top 5. Pach223 and Mastrorocco were in sixth and seventh respectively, but were the last cars still running.
As the field completed the first half of the race, Clark10 had climbed up to second place, while gymwhaley occupied the last podium spot but tried to fight back for second place. Pach223 was fourth and Mastrorocco fifth. Clark10 found himself in fourth with 3 laps to go, as gymwhaley and pach223 both went past him. Mastrorocco overtook Clark10 for fourth, so Clark10 completed the top 5 at that moment. Dahrec and rguzmanb were behind him. Clark10 fought back and retook fourth place away from Mastrorocco with 2 laps to go. Into the last lap, mika67lb had already built a satisfying gap between himself and gymwhaley, but the battle was for fourth place. Mastrorocco overtook Clark10, who spun into the sand in the very next corner. Therefore, he wasn't able to recover from that spot. Dahrec moved up to a top 5 place. Meanwhile, mika67lb passed the finish line conveniently as the winner of this race, as gymwhaley and pach223 joined him on the podium. Mastrorocco finished fourth and dahrec fifth. Rguzmanb sixth and Clark10 never managed to recover from the sand and was scored in eighth, because mbindels - who lost his rear wing earlier and went into the pits - managed to complete the final lap.


Skillquant Group 800-900: Drama hits devilbevin who gets into the sand, out of the race lead. Top 5 show quality, bronski234 proves his good knowledge of the track


Devilbevin might have not won the Race to the Weekend event, which was led by fourbangr75, but he posted the quickest time in the Qualifying session before the race (9 laps long) and started from the pole. He managed to make a good start and open a quite good gap early on. Behind him, KKND and ingange were ready to take advantage of any possible mistake made by the race leader. CrasHMF maintained fourth place from bronski234, while Bolinhas gained many spots in the start, due to racing wisely. Bronski234 managed to overtake CrasHMF and it seemed that the nice knowledge that he learnt out of racing often in Quick Races featuring this track, paid off for him. At lap 4, devilbevin had opened up a good gap, but it was certainly able to be covered quick. However, it was enough for devilbevin to grab the chance and take a breath. 
Meanwhile, bronski234 had made his move and passed ingange for the final podium position at that point. CrasHMF was in fifth, while Bolinhas was doing a good job ranking sixth. Devilbevin's advantage over KKND increased at lap 6, but the race leader was hit by a shock as he found himself getting stuck into the sand trap at lap 7, after he carried too much speed out of the slow left hairpin. This was a major development late in the race, as everything went wrong for devilbevin and racers behind him would have the chance to grab at least one spot and focus on getting something even better out of this race. With 2 laps to go, KKND inheritied the race lead, with bronski234 in second and ingange in third. CrasHMF was ahead of Bolinhas for fourth position and behind them, out of the top 5, were Ultrachromatic, andybob and butragueno44. The field entered the last lap, but nothing changed. KKND got victorious and made his way up in Assen's podium, along with bronski234 and ingange, who was really glad with his first ever Sunday Race-Off podium finish. CrasHMF and Bolinhas were satisfied with a top 5 finish, but both thought that they could have a shot at a podium spot.


Skillquant Group 900-1000: Elitespeedway spins out of the race lead, Mrjones_83 holds off sushijohan to win it. Daniel_C gets hit by bad luck in the final chicane

Kart and GT racecar specialist elitespeedway proved to be the class of the field in the Race to the Weekend event of this particular Skillquant Group, as his lap time was nearly 4 tenths of a second faster than the next fastest time of El_N1No. In fact, elitespeedway's time would be enough to put him in 4th place in the top Skillquant Group (1000-1100), which makes his performance even more noteable. Last week's winner Exedian ranked fifth in the Race to the Weekend, while also known for their last weeks' performances, Mrjones_83, sushijohan, MadMax66 and Daniel_C ranked third, fourth, sixth and seventh respectively. Consistency is the key if you want to be in the front and this is an element that elitespeedway knows of. His time in the Qualifying session was enough to put him on pole for the 11-lap-long race session, while sushijohna started alongside him. The second row of the grid was occupied by Mrjones_83 and Exedian, while MadMax66 and DimebagDK sat on the third row. Mrjones_83 got a great launch and was on the outside of elitespeedway in turn 1, but elitespeedway got advantage of his inside line on the right hander and protected the lead. He was off to make the famous "3-peat". Would he make it?
The first turns proved to be a calamity for Exedian, who spun, and dimagico, who lost his rear wing and spun as well. Exedian was turned again in the next corner by El_N1No, as rtmetz92 also found himself spinning in lap 1 and freggel got stuck into the sand. B13A6 tried to hold DimebagDK off for ninth, as MadMax66 was pushing for third, as the leader elitespeedway spun in the exit of the slow left hairpin. This was the second time in three races that the leader spun out of the lead, in the exact same corner. The difference was that elitespeedway didn't get into the sand and could at least manage to continue. This meant that Mrjones_83 had inherited the lead at lap 3, with sushijohan in second and MadMax66 in third. Experienced Daniel_C was fourth with MrPiet in fifth. The top 3 were pretty close to each other, but there was a gap to fourth-placed Daniel_C. Meanwhile, DimebagDK got into the sand, but managed to start the car and get away from it quickly, but had already given away a top 10 place. Johndaniels was doing a quiet race in eighth place and had last week's winner Exedian behind him. At lap 6, Johndaniels spun in turn 1 and fell down to eleventh position. 
At the same time, we had a battle for the lead growing up and there was a huge development at turn 1, lap 7. Sushijohan had come close to the race leader Mrjones_83 and passed him on the inside. As Mrjones_83 tried to do the cut-back, he lost control and gave sushijohan a nudge, not on purpose of course, but unfortunately this was enough to make sushijohan spin and fall down to third position. Mrjones_83 had to slow down too and MadMax66 grabbed the opportunity and inherited the race lead at that point. Daniel_C was focused on keeping MrPiet behind him for fourth place. However, with 3 laps to go, Mrjones_83 had caught back to the tail of MadMax66 and was ready to make his move for the lead, with sushijohan coming strong and being close to them as well. MadMax66 spun in the final corners of lap 9 and gave the lead away to Mrjones_83. With 2 laps to go, Mrjones_83 had to defend his lead from sushijohan. Meanwhile, at the back of the field was Exedian without a rear wing in twelfth, dimagico who reinstalled a rear wing in the pits in thirteenth and former leader elitespeedway recovering in fourteenth after his spin. Johndaniels completed the top 10, after he had had a spin too, with freggel who had got stuck in the sand earlier, in eleventh. After his spin, MadMax66, was now fifth, but the battle for fourth between Daniel_C and MrPiet had become the battle for the final podium spot, as everyone got into the eleventh and last lap of the race. 
Mrjones_83 was trying to maintain the lead from sushijohan and Daniel_C was trying to maintain the third place from MrPiet. But for Daniel_C, it was disappointment at the final chicane. He carried too much speed into this final chicane and found himself almost getting caught up in the sand, but managed to avoid it. However, MrPiet and MadMax66 both went by him, so he finished fifth. MadMax66 passed the line in fourth and MrPiet got up to the podium at the last moment in third. Mrjones_83 got the victory, barely ahead of sushijohan in second place. RRL_Danny finished sixth, B13A6 seventh, El_N1No eighth, DimebagDK ninth and Johndaniels completed the top 10. Freggel passed the line in eleventh, but Exedian behind him had an impressive spin on the last lap and got stuck in the sand trap. Elitespeedway got that place and finished twelfth and dimagico also moved up to thirteenth. Exedian finally managed to get out of the sand trap to finish fourteenth. Rtmetz had already quit the race and was scored fifteenth.


Skillquant Group 1000-1100: Epic finish with spaggiari and acerockolla charging to the line! The greatest possible finale for this week's Simraceway Sunday Race-Off races!


Carrying much speed in the Race to the Weekend event for the top Skillquant Group, Shadowbounty topped the standings as he did the quickest time. Behind him, GCortese49 and acerockolla were second and third respectively, despite the fact that they posted the same laptime. It was the fourth digit, which is only seen by the timing system, that decided what the proper order was between the two racers. Spaggiari and Launger completed the top 5. Once again, this Sunday RaceOff was filled with skilled drivers, all known for the skills on and off the racetrack. Bandito, AGO6, RedlineRacer85, CrazyBuzzy, shaun24, vanPanther, freccianera, JMOO1 and bakosgabor57, all popular in Simraceway competiton and equally skilled, also qualified for the Sunday Race-Off race, which would decide the overall event winner. In Sunday's Qualifying session before the 13 laps of the race, spaggiari set the pole time and Shadowbounty qualified in second and sat alongside spaggiari on the first row of the grid. Experienced in this top level, Launger, occupied the second row along with Sunday Race-Off multiple winner, acerockolla. Young and talented GCortese49 set the fifth fastest time and known for his stability, shaun24, completed the third row.


As the lights went green, spaggiari started in second gear, which proved to be a good choice, because he kept the lead. Behind him, it was Launger, Shadowbounty and acerockolla. GCortese49 was battling with shaun24 for fifth place in this early part of the race in lap 1, while Shadowbounty was spinning and losing his third place. VanPanther overtook freccianera for tenth. AGO6 was eleventh, Shadowbounty thirteenth after his spin and CrazyBuzzy fourteenth. GCortese49 lost much ground on lap 2 and gave many places away. At the same time, JMOO1 was under pressure from bandito for sixth place, but defended his place well. Shaun24 was now fourth and RedlineRacer85 completed the top 5. BakosGabor57 was eighth and vanPanther ninth, as bandito tried to attack JMOO1 for sixth again. JMOO1 made a mistake and spun, losing much ground at lap 4. At the same time, the top 3 was spaggiari, Launger and acerockolla and the gaps between them were decreasing.


Outside the top 10, from eleventh to fourteenth, were freccianera, AGO6, CrazyBuzzy and JMOO1. From seventh to tenth, into the top 10, were bakosgabor57, vanPanther, GCortese49 and the recovering Shadowbounty. GCortese was putting pressure on vanPanther, but bakosgabor57 in front of them made a mistake and consequently, squeezed in between those two in eighth position. Shadowbounty was now filling the mirrors of GCortese49 at lap 6, almost at the halfway point of the race. Bakosgabor57 and GCortese49 went side-by-side in the first corners at lap 7, but Shadowbounty was initially unable to take advantage, because GCortese49 shut the door. However, Shadowbounty overtook GCortese49 at the next corner and immediately started to threaten bakosgabor57 for seventh place. He overdid it at the last chicane, though. His car bounced over the kerbs and Shadowbounty was forced to spin; fortunately, he didn't collect another racer, but he fell down to theirteenth after this. Freccianera completed the top 10 at that point, with AGO6 and CrazyBuzzy in eleventh and twelfth respectively. â€‹Freccianera started chasing bakosgabor57 for ninth.


At the front, the top trio was closer than ever before, with 5 laps remaining. Spaggiari, Launger, acerockolla: all-in for the win. Acerockolla started to put Launger under pressure, as they were ending the tenth of the thirteen laps of this race. Launger drove a bit away from acerockolla and started putting leader spaggiari under pressure. However, he made two mistakes in a row, with the second one being the costly one. Launger's car went onto the astroturph in the exit of one of the usual corners in Assen and this forced him to spin and lose many positions. With 2 laps to go, spaggiari's lead over acerockolla was obviously being cut down. Spaggiari clearly saw the multiple Simraceway Sunday Race-Off winner filling his mirrors. Meanwhile, there were many develpoments behind him after Launger's spin. Shaun24 had climbed up to third and bandito up to fourth. RedlineRacer85 still kept his top 5 spot, in fifth. GCortese49 was sixth with Launger in seventh. Bakosgabor57, AGO6 and CrazyBuzzy completed the top 10. Freccianera, Shadowbounty, vanPanther and JMOO1 were occuping positions eleven to fourteen. But the battle had heated up at the front between spaggiari and acerockolla, for the race win, as they both entered the final lap.


Everything was set for a breathtaking finish between the two racers. Acerockolla was very close and tried to put on a move that would give him the race win. But spaggiari was racing like a veteran and didn't want to miss the chance of becoming a Simraceway Sunday Race-Off winner. They were really close coming into the last chicane at the final lap and acerockolla was literally bumpdrafting spaggiari at the previous straight. Spaggiari's entrance and exit at the chicane wasn't the best possible, something that gave the chance to acerockolla to do the cut-back and challenge him to the line. The duo made two side-by-side contacts, both being harsh for acerockolla. After the second contact, acerockolla spun into the grass, but was close to the finish line, so he at least maintained his second position. But the winner of this race was spaggiari. Shaun24 saw the checkered flag in third place, while bandito ended up fourth. RedlineRacer85 finished fifth and it was drama for GCortese as he almost got stuck into the sand on the last chicane of this epic final lap, but started the car again. However, he lost sixth position to Launger and seventh to bakosgabor57, so he finished eighth. AGO6 finished ninth and CrazyBuzzy tenth. Outside the top 10, were Shadowbounty in eleventh, freccianera in twelfth and vanPanther in thirteenth position, with JMOO1 being scored in fourteenth, 2 laps down.


So, that was the breathtaking action that took place in Assen this week, with the BMW Z4 GT3 racecar. Congratulations to everyone and many thanks to all that took care of bringing this great event live!

#45 Danny Irving

Danny Irving


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Posted 22 August 2013 - 05:26 PM

No-one noticed that started from 14th & finished 6th :)

#46 El_N1No



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Posted 22 August 2013 - 05:33 PM

Good event again!

I am happy with the overall result but i had problems with my modem so i was happy to reach the qualify. I cant reach the finish/start line in time so i started 16 last pos. In the 2nd turn i lost my rear-end so my car was twisty i have to oversteer so i couldn't held the racing line and i came back to the track and i push Exedian a little in the rear-end. He tried to neutralize his car but he couldn't. I was waiting for him to return before me and just go tothe end without mistakes.

Congratulate to the finishers and i regret elitespeedway to spun out because his speed was freneticly fast.

I am awaitnig for the next race weekend and i hope i catch my speed and a little luck to finish in the podium.

So i have to say Thank You for the nice RTTW again!

Bye have fun and stay on the gas :)

Cu mates

#47 Ludovic Gayon

Ludovic Gayon


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Posted 22 August 2013 - 09:28 PM

No topic for Evo ?

Arckeo 72

#48 Bolinhas



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Posted 22 August 2013 - 10:22 PM

:wub:  Thx Dimi :P .


We love you :rolleyes:


Bolinhas aka Polka Dots :lol:

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